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The concept

We help you build the right team for all your communication projects

Communication projects can be complex and can require very diverse expertises. Major Tom's goal is to help you with building the team your project deserves.

We have a large database of profiles and a curated core team of experts covering 360° of your communication needs. We are pretty flexible and can provide you with specialists, consultants or even fully functional teams.

You are looking for an expert in higher education websites to help you with that university project you just won? You need a fully functional video team to produce a high quality video? You could use some consultancy to bring your team up to speed with best practices to create and effective media campaign or organise an event?

Major Tom can help you with it!

Thanks to Major Tom and their teams for the assistance with our branding and for bringing the right tone of voice to all our communication projects.


What we bring to the table

Major Tom is providing flexibility and quality to your communication projects. If you don't necessarily want to outsource everything but want something more than a freelancer, Major Tom is for you.

We have a database of specialised profiles we can tap into as well as a core team of communication experts.

Our services

  • Curated profiles

    We have a database of profiles and CV covering all your communication needs. We can find the profiles you are looking for.

  • Core team

    Every member of our core team has been interviewed by the Major Tom staff. They really know their field. We can vouch for it.

  • Experience

    We have been in this field for the last 30 years. We have profiles with all level of experience: from junior to senior.

  • Quality

    Our in depth experience in the field of communication enable us to provide you with high quality profiles and services.

  • Scalability

    We can find you a consultant, a couple of people to join a project or a full team of seasoned professionals for your project.

  • Flexibility

    Hiring someone in house is a big commitment. Major Tom allows you to create professional teams on a project by project basis.