Major Tom



"Tell me that I specialize in marketing or advertising would reduce me to a part of my skills. Graphic designer at the beginning, I officiated at all levels included in an advertising agency, until the management. A sprawling profile, somewhat unusual, helping me to earn new skills as when the need arises. 

In particular, I developed the brand's Zinneken, present in the USA and soon in the Middle East, managed marketing budgets as Carrefour, Fiat, Brico and others or created a toy brand.

I have multi-disciplinary capacities resulting in creativity, speed of comprehension and resolution, a very good perception of my environment allowing me to respond effectively, a large inter-personal sensitivity and intra-personal, high learning ability, empathy, a sense of responsibility, but my greatest asset is my creativity, not just visual or artistic way, it is present every day in my work in Project Management for exemple.

Nearly 20 years of experience at your service whether in marketing, project management and business development. »

Expertises & skills

Communication strategy: Marketing

Graphic Design: Print design, Brand design and packaging

Content: Content strategy

Media and public relations: Media strategy

Project Management: Project manager


  • English
  • Spanish
  • French


Major Tom