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Little Big Screen is a 360 media production company, dedicated to producing empowering stories and cultivating talent, production and distribution deals with major partners, including RTBF, Canal +, BE tv, TV5 Europe and Euronews. Marc Vanvinkenroije, founder, is responsible for reporting and managing LBS’ multimedia editorial team.

LBS has significant experience in managing large scale editorial news & sports content services across multiple platforms in a media/TV/Sports related area as well as experience of using multimedia to produce compelling digital content for (EU) campaigns.
LBS may be involved in the following key responsibilities:
• set up an editorial line for News and magazines on the following subjects: politics, society, business, sports;
• set up the corresponding workflow in collaboration with heads of editorial projects and technical teams;
• develop digital products alongside broadcast products, working with  Marketing teams;
• create and manage teams of journalists: hiring, training...
• set up and develop a network of correspondents.

I created a Multimedia Department 5 years ago for a big communication agency in Brussels. 
Since then, I have been driving the editorial team, overseeing production, audiovisual content development, launching new multimedia productions titles, creating editorial strategies, seeking out new opportunities in digital distribution and partnerships with EU television networks. 

Outside this I am also a proven industry contributor and have demonstrated the ability to work in both traditional and emerging media, combining his deep pedigree in journalism with a keen understanding of the complexities of cross-media productions that resonate with European audiences. 

Expertises & skills

Audiovisual: Video

Content: Content strategy

Media and public relations: Media strategy


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish


Major Tom