Senior Tom



I am video journalist.I am also web product owner or show-runner for multimedia storytelling projects (Journalism or brand content)
I am a professional who  aim to enrich the coverage and the understanding of all the latest news. I work with brands to create an experience around their product.

I work on a more comprehensive approach to news coverage, through fact-checking, data-journalism and investigative journalism. Thanks to multimedia entities, I create an exceptionnal immersive experience to readers and viewers.

I works for several production and communications companies, for the biggest news agencies in the world as well as for a software development company fro journalists. Nowadays I am develop my company by working on trans-media projects for medias.

Expertises & skills

Communication strategy: Social media strategy

Audiovisual: Video, Photography

Content: Content strategy

Media and public relations: Media strategy, Public relations

Project Management: Project manager

Training: Content


  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish


Senior Tom